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Icey Productions has partnered up with an award-winning immersive technology company. Together we can create and distribute industry-leading VR/AR/MR and AI technology for the consumer, defense, and the enterprise sector.

Their experience after many years in Hollywood, two Academy Award-winning films, and industry-wide recognition for delivering innovative visual effects for blockbuster movies as well as working on the next frontier of media and technology to transform the way people consume and experience immersive content.

The team brings decades of deep domain expertise in Hollywood, gaming, and big tech that gives an asymmetric advantage for delivering innovative and successful dual-use technologies that are military, Hollywood, consumer, and enterprise-grade. It is this ‘best of all worlds’ solution that allows to develop the highest quality, most effective, and cost-efficient training programs.



As a  leader in immersive technology they won more than 15 VR industry awards including the Walmart Innov8 Vcommerce Competition, first-ever Streamy Award for Best VR, Best XR Game at CES and Barcelona Games World, Official Selection at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, and a Top 10 finalist in Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. 


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